Saturday, September 25, 2010

An update... finally!

I think I promised awhile ago, that I would let everyone see what I've been up to... but I have been distracted. The first trimester of our second pregnancy is nearly at an end, hurrah, and hopefully I will regain some of my enthusiasm for... just about everything! I have been extremely tired and there has been virtually no crafting going on in any form.

However, I have finished the first row squares, and am in the process of sewing them all together. For better or worse, I have decided to sew the whole thing by hand, including all of the borders.

I've been uploading my individual blocks and some triangles to flickr (in fact, Katie caught me out - I did  it a little while ago, with the intention of posting here, but ran out of steam). I still have a few to add, so far I am pretty happy with how things are going. At least two of the blocks from 'A' row had a couple of mistakes (A-2 I turned an arrow the wrong way & A-11 I had a white centre square I had to change over - poo!). So that was a lesson in paying more attention! Onwards, and upwards! Anthea x

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  1. I am constantly impressed with you lady! for no energy you are miles ahead! and it looks brilliant - know what you mean I did A1 first and sewed a couple of the triangles backwards lucky it was on the same strip because it had to be fixed! Also am going to keep to the hand stitching - its so soothing!