Friday, September 17, 2010

needle review...

I'm not sure if anyone will be as interested in this as I was but of all the reviews I have found so far this one seems to cover most of the main hand sewing needle brands... needle review
I am fed up with the clover needles I am using and just received some Roxannes to try only to discover they are even thicker and harder to work with! I know my fabric has a really tight weave but I can never get more than one stitch at a time without pliers to pull the needle through! lol
So I have ordered some piecemakers, as I read a good review elsewhere, but think I will definitely try the Jeana Kimball out.


  1. I read a post about thread conditioner the other day too. So along with good needles, some of this might be good if anyone is having trouble with thread breaking. My Gutterman thread is mostly fine, but I have to admit, I use cheapo quilting needles (Birth brand) from Spotlight. Mostly they're fine, needing to be changed every so often, but that's a given I guess!

  2. update on the needles, the Kimballs are good BUT the piecemakers are excellent and so sharp! They are the sharpest I have found, second would be clover goldeye applique. You can also buy piecemakers direct from their website and at decent prices shipping to Aus from US was around $2 - so win win if you have a tight weave fabric... Can't wait to try the betweens lol - when I learn to hand quilt.