Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time for a post....

Hi All! Well the blog has been quiet for over a month now, and I guess that means that everyone is flat out busy with life in general, and hopefully finding time to have a bit of fun (and craft) in there somewhere.
I thought that I would give you some inspiration/a laugh and show you where I am at with the DJ blocks... Both my action plan and my method have changed as I have proceeded - typical. I started with A1, which incidentally took several hours, then did the easy blocks as recommended by Anthea. Then I decided that since the amount of fabric required is such an unknown I would do all the blocks of one of my largest colour ways and see how much extra I required - this plan I am sticking to and am in the middle of at present. So I am working my way through all my dark green blocks in whichever order I fancy.

Regarding the method I am doing freezer paper hand piecing with running stitch and initially was placing the freezer paper on the back, this didn't allow for fantastic accuracy though - as you can tell from my photos... The easy nine patch blocks I didn't use any paper at all just a pencil line to show seam edges. More recently I have been using the freezer parer on the front this allows the accuracy to be under a millametre and has the added bonus you can leave it on until you join the blocks to the sashing keeping them stable - this is a great find Anthea and how I am planning to finish of the remaining x blocks lol!

The first photo shows the fronts of the blocks I have done and the second the backs, the ones that look all white on the front are still wearing their freezer paper. The blocks are; A1, A4, A6, A8, B5, B13, E12, H1, H13, M6, M10, K4.

I'd love to see how everyone's blocks are going if you have the time to blog...

Take care xxx

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  1. Katie, they look great! So nice ironed out like that. That freezer paper method looks good! x