Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't be too shocked... I've started!

Well after several weeks of procrastination and avoidance I've finally bitten the bullet and started. Don't look too closely at my first piecing, I am kind of happy even though it's far from perfect. I'm learning as I go along and experimenting with different techniques. I am not following an exact plan or layout just a colour pallet in general of tea stained plain and gold / red / brown patterns I'm playing around with. I want to do the whole quilt but will see where I get to! It's square a4 I'm doing first and don't ask me why that is I just started with that one!!!! Two hours to do a third of one square!!!! Full steam ahead now.


  1. looks great - it takes a while to get into it! I like the look of the colours too!

  2. Excellent stuff! Just getting the first one completed can be a challenge, but then... who knows - you might have a fit and complete a bunch!