Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally a layout.........

Sorry it's taken me so long to post anything, but here it is my layout..............Have also decided on the material; Black with White dots, Pale Blue with Darker Blue dots, and plain white. I am trying to be as organised about this as I can, so i have printed off all the blocks and sorted in a folder and that's about as far as I got before my little girls got sick again. Just over pneumonia and now some virus which has Amelia covered in a rash. Am hoping to get a few hours this weekend for my first attempt at quilting, there maybe a few calls to Anthea for help.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Useful Links


Just been surfing for some other piecing methods, and found this freezer paper method that might be useful for the blocks that are appliqued. I found it directly from the Dear Jane site, and the tips on individual blocks are very helpful there too - A-G & H-M.

Some eye candy:
Happy quilting! Anthea x

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hand Piecing - the Anthea Way

Hi there everyone! Sorry I haven't done this any sooner, it's been very busy around these parts hosting birthdays and with a sick bub, but here it is... the hand piecing tutorial - the Anthea way! This is not necessarily the only way it can be done, and indeed might not be the 'proper' way. I taught myself, and through some trial and error - it works for me.

Step 1
Print out the block pattern onto a piece of card (does not need to be too heavy). Number each pattern piece. I draw a quick sketch of the layout - particularly important when the pieces are more complicated. I've also been noting which block it is: M-10 for this example.

Step 2
Cut out each piece. (Pretty straight forward, I grant you).

Step 3
Cut out your fabric. I allow about 5-7mm all the way around. Then fold the allowance around tacking as you go. I usually have the thread knot on the 'good' side, as it makes it easy to remove later.

Step 4
I use Gutermann quilting thread which is a bit heavier than regular cotton. I tie a single not in it as shown.

Step 5
I start by inserting the needle directly through the corner (from the back behind the seam fold) and out of pieces 1 and 2.

Step 6
I then secure the corners together with a stitch.

Step 7
Then it is a matter of over stitching the pieces together. It just needs to be caught on the edge (you don't stitch through the card). They need to be stitched in order, the M-10: pieces 1, 2 & 3 together. Then 4, 5 & 6, then 7, 8 & 9. When the three strips are sewn together, they then can be sewn to one another. Ensure that each junction meets up with the corresponding one, by easing if necessary.


7, 0, 0, 93

I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if anyone needs further info on certain steps - sometimes when you've done something for so long it is easy to overlook an obvious step. How is everyone else going?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vicki's Layout!

Well after many hours of frustration both today, yesterday and the day before, I finally have a layout to offer. My software has some issues, it crashes, will not always zoom and continually adds lines around the border every time you click away from the worktop!

So after a huge whinge to Katie(Sorry!) and a lot of help from Anthea(Thanks!) I've decided to suck it up and post this anyway. Its the OCD in me that whispers "but its not perfect"...

Opinions and Suggestions are welcome!

I also got a new laptop today so I am going to load the Dear Jane Software on it and see if I have the same problem or if it is just my old dinosaur.

Vicki. x

Hurrah! ... and updates!

Hello! I can't tell you how frustrating the last hour has been! I have been trying to leave comments on the last few posts, to no avail! I am not sure why it isn't working for me, I've used Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer - all to no avail. I can only imagine (hopefully) it is a temporary glitch with Blogspot.

Anyway... I'm really happy people are getting involved with the blog and we can 'hear' how everyone is going. After Katie posted her tally I went back to mine and counted all of mine up...

6, 0, 0, 84

I agree with Katie that hand piecing (for me anyway!) is the way to go. It's transportable also, allowing me to move around occasionally fitting some in during the day here and there around Miss Ruby.

For anyone not sure of which quilt design to use...

It can be confusing working out how to get the pattern ... that is the Classic Dear Jane. Go to:
File > Project Wizard > Start with pre designed Dear Jane > Next > Classic Dear Jane... this will give you the classic Dear Jane layout, each square block is approximately 4.5 inches square. To print individual blocks, click on the block you are after, then go to Print > Block > Brenda's Pattern - this will give you the 4.5 sq layout.

Instructions are not on the blocks, but you can get details off the Dear Jane website (mostly if you are machine or foundation piecing). If it would help, I can do a tutorial of how to do hand piecing - let me know if anyone would like me too!

I have been labelling the blocks on the back with their location (ie. A-6, B-12 and so on). I have also been marking off a plain template as a visual reminder of which one's I have done - hopefully this will be terribly satisfying soon ; )

Vicki, the Barely There fabrics you have chosen from Northcott look lovely, very pretty blues. Will be nice to see them sewn up!

Finally (can't I blather on!), no-one panic about time or (lack thereof). I can see us all ebb and flowing with this project - and yes, I am sure that we will all be expert quilters by the end!

Anthea x

Nothing To See Here...

Hi Ladies, just thought I'd say a quick Hello. I've nothing to show you I'm afraid, I'm still working on the layout for my Dear Jane and waiting on background fabric. I'm using a range of Northcott Fabrics called "Barely There" for my blocks They are so soft to touch and I'm hoping, not too subtle...

Everybody's layouts are looking great. Anthea, a big thanks to you for setting this up, its fun to look and see how everyone is going, hopefully soon I'll have something to show too.

I'm so far behind already but I figure this way, if I need any help, I'll know whom to ask! :)

Hello everyone

Well here I am probably the only quilt virgin in the group and very nervous but excited!!! I haven't got all my fabric yet so will be practicing a few easier blocks on some fabric I have here. I do have a few questions hopefully someone can answer for me:
1. What size are you making your blocks, as I see that you get an option to adjust sizes?
2. Are there instructions for making the blocks or just the printed templates / rotary cut diagrams etc?
3. Do you label your finished blocks so you know what they are easily and do you keep them aside until all the blocks etc are finished?

4. Am I dumb or overly ambitious... I should be good at quilting by the end of this!

Thanks to Vicki and everyone else for letting me be a part of the adventure!

I have decided to start with A6 as it seems straight forward to my novice eyes!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hi all, not sure if I am doing this right we'll see! LOL well have decided how I am going to tackle Jane - I'm going to give it 2 days a week (around normal activities not solid time!) and depending on the difficulty will determine how many blocks I get done. I am definitely thinking that hand sewing is the way - some of the pieces are so tiny!
I have been timing myself on blocks now and the easy ones are about an hour, A-4 took a 2 a half hours - and its not completely perfect. Anyway as per the typical tally sheet I am (6,0,0,89) 0r 6 blocks, 0 triangles, 0 corners, 89 pieces :)
How are you guys going?