Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hurrah! ... and updates!

Hello! I can't tell you how frustrating the last hour has been! I have been trying to leave comments on the last few posts, to no avail! I am not sure why it isn't working for me, I've used Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer - all to no avail. I can only imagine (hopefully) it is a temporary glitch with Blogspot.

Anyway... I'm really happy people are getting involved with the blog and we can 'hear' how everyone is going. After Katie posted her tally I went back to mine and counted all of mine up...

6, 0, 0, 84

I agree with Katie that hand piecing (for me anyway!) is the way to go. It's transportable also, allowing me to move around occasionally fitting some in during the day here and there around Miss Ruby.

For anyone not sure of which quilt design to use...

It can be confusing working out how to get the pattern ... that is the Classic Dear Jane. Go to:
File > Project Wizard > Start with pre designed Dear Jane > Next > Classic Dear Jane... this will give you the classic Dear Jane layout, each square block is approximately 4.5 inches square. To print individual blocks, click on the block you are after, then go to Print > Block > Brenda's Pattern - this will give you the 4.5 sq layout.

Instructions are not on the blocks, but you can get details off the Dear Jane website (mostly if you are machine or foundation piecing). If it would help, I can do a tutorial of how to do hand piecing - let me know if anyone would like me too!

I have been labelling the blocks on the back with their location (ie. A-6, B-12 and so on). I have also been marking off a plain template as a visual reminder of which one's I have done - hopefully this will be terribly satisfying soon ; )

Vicki, the Barely There fabrics you have chosen from Northcott look lovely, very pretty blues. Will be nice to see them sewn up!

Finally (can't I blather on!), no-one panic about time or (lack thereof). I can see us all ebb and flowing with this project - and yes, I am sure that we will all be expert quilters by the end!

Anthea x

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  1. your pieces look great! is there somewher on here where I can learn about blogger? you know uploading images etc?
    Also I think it would be great if you could do a tutorial on hand piecing - since you've been at it so long... I know I have my own way but would love to know why you tack/baste your blocks