Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello everyone

Well here I am probably the only quilt virgin in the group and very nervous but excited!!! I haven't got all my fabric yet so will be practicing a few easier blocks on some fabric I have here. I do have a few questions hopefully someone can answer for me:
1. What size are you making your blocks, as I see that you get an option to adjust sizes?
2. Are there instructions for making the blocks or just the printed templates / rotary cut diagrams etc?
3. Do you label your finished blocks so you know what they are easily and do you keep them aside until all the blocks etc are finished?

4. Am I dumb or overly ambitious... I should be good at quilting by the end of this!

Thanks to Vicki and everyone else for letting me be a part of the adventure!

I have decided to start with A6 as it seems straight forward to my novice eyes!

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  1. Yay, I can comment again! See my Hurrah.. and updates! There are some tips about finding the Classic Jane pattern. Ax