Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hand Piecing - the Anthea Way

Hi there everyone! Sorry I haven't done this any sooner, it's been very busy around these parts hosting birthdays and with a sick bub, but here it is... the hand piecing tutorial - the Anthea way! This is not necessarily the only way it can be done, and indeed might not be the 'proper' way. I taught myself, and through some trial and error - it works for me.

Step 1
Print out the block pattern onto a piece of card (does not need to be too heavy). Number each pattern piece. I draw a quick sketch of the layout - particularly important when the pieces are more complicated. I've also been noting which block it is: M-10 for this example.

Step 2
Cut out each piece. (Pretty straight forward, I grant you).

Step 3
Cut out your fabric. I allow about 5-7mm all the way around. Then fold the allowance around tacking as you go. I usually have the thread knot on the 'good' side, as it makes it easy to remove later.

Step 4
I use Gutermann quilting thread which is a bit heavier than regular cotton. I tie a single not in it as shown.

Step 5
I start by inserting the needle directly through the corner (from the back behind the seam fold) and out of pieces 1 and 2.

Step 6
I then secure the corners together with a stitch.

Step 7
Then it is a matter of over stitching the pieces together. It just needs to be caught on the edge (you don't stitch through the card). They need to be stitched in order, the M-10: pieces 1, 2 & 3 together. Then 4, 5 & 6, then 7, 8 & 9. When the three strips are sewn together, they then can be sewn to one another. Ensure that each junction meets up with the corresponding one, by easing if necessary.


7, 0, 0, 93

I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if anyone needs further info on certain steps - sometimes when you've done something for so long it is easy to overlook an obvious step. How is everyone else going?


  1. Thats great Anth - thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks Anthea, very helpful. Are you doing all your blocks this way? Does the colour from the cardboard run when you press the block? Hope your Bub is better, my two are improving but now they've shared with me :(

  3. : ( Hope you're feeling ok vicki, that's yuk! No the cardboard is fine. I actually don't press them until I remove the card (once the surrounding pieces are sewn on. (Red was the only colour I had on hand to start, but a white would be better in terms of not changing the look of the fabric!).