Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So it begins...

Some of us have had a chance to play around with the Dear Jane pattern and have come up with some colour schemes. Katie and I thought that we could officially start the challenge on the 1st of July, with an aim of completing two blocks per week. People may do more if they choose (or less) but that is what we are aiming for.

There are 225 patterned blocks in the quilt. If we only do 2 a week, then it will take a bit over two years to complete the blocks. However, some are very easy, and should only take an hour to complete, so I suspect in some weeks we'll do lots and possibly none in others.

It is not a race, so no-one need worry about how long they are taking, or how much time they can devote to the quilt. I have a million projects going on at any one time and suspect that my making will be sporadic.

On the official site, it is suggested in the Newbie information, that there are some simple blocks that it is worth starting with for beginners. Pieced blocks: M-10, A-6, A-8, B-13, D-13. Appliqued blocks: D-3, C-9, B-1, E-10.

This is Katie's first colour layout, which is lovely:

Isn't it looking beautiful? Katie has another one using white around the edges as well which she'll post for feedback.

I have chosen my colour scheme, but have yet to save a picture of it. I will get it up later today hopefully!

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